Cleveland Co. Sheriff's office release video of inmate who died after being arrested

Cleveland County Sheriff's Office release surveillance video of inmate who died shortly after being arrested. (Cleveland County Sheriff's Office)

The Norman Police Department has released body cam video following the death of an inmate. Police are saying the interaction with their officers did not lead to the inmate's death.

So the question still remains; how did the inmate die? That question still remains unsolved, but what we do have for now is a clear view of what happened outside of the hospital he was released from and the interaction he had at Cleveland County Detention Center.

“Well, we can't have the issues right here. We gotta go outside,” said one Norman police officer.

From several demands to leave the Norman Regional Hospital.

“It's too damn cold. Put your shoe on. Come on,” said another Norman police officer.

To forcefully removing Marconia Kessee off the property. Then to the Cleveland County Detention Center.

“Hey listen, if I gotta take you to jail, the walk from the jail is miles and miles ok? I'd rather you walk across the street,” said another Norman police officer.

But instead of going to the Salvation Army, Kessee was taken to the Cleveland County Jail.

The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office released this surveillance video of officer's taking Kessee to jail Monday.

In the video, you see he's barely able to stand as several police officers help get him inside. You then see Kessee struggling to walk while in the intake room.

Two hours after being booked, he was found unresponsive in his cell. Kessee was then taken back to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Cleveland County Sheriff, Todd Gibson, released this statement saying, "Ideally video would be released at the conclusion of the OSBI review. Even though the OSBI review is still underway, we are releasing these videos demonstrating our commitment to transparency."

The sheriff went on to say, "While we are committed to remaining transparent and are releasing the videos today, we will refrain from commenting or characterizing the videos until the Medical Examiner's Report and the OSBI review is complete."

The sheriff said the family has reviewed the videos privately before it was released to us. OSBI gave permission to release the videos.

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