Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity receives largest-ever donation

The Habitat for Humanity neighborhood Legacy Estates is now named after Stephen Florentz after he donated his $2.25 million estate to the organization. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

Full honors for Sergeant 1st Class Stephen Florentz, retired from the U.S. Army.

It was a thank you from the Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity, who received a $2.25 million donation from his estate. Habitat for Humanity held a ceremony, for SFC Florentz, who passed away in December, on Thursday, June 29th at the Legacy Estates in Oklahoma City. Florentz didn't have any close family members.

"It was just a wonderful blessing," Central OK Habitat for Humanity CEO Ann Felton-Gilliland said. "It was the best Christmas gift I've ever received. It's taking a while to work through everything so we're just now getting the gift."

The Air Medal, as well as the Purple Heart were just some of the many awards given to Florentz during his time in the Army. His friend and estate trustee Mike Bourland said Florentz had a decorated career.

"He just would say, they were experiences that affected him his whole life,"Bourland said. "Later after getting out of the service, he worked in the Army Reserves."

This donation is the largest in Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity's history and will allow for 24 new homes to be built.

"It's a life-changing experience for our families," Felton-Gilliland said. "Because most of them are living in apartment houses that are in unsafe areas, where their children aren't able to ride their bicycles or even play in the front yard."

Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity unveiled a new sign at Legacy Estates honoring Stephen Florentz. The organization is still looking to build an additional 24 homes in the addition. A spokesperson said Florentz's donation would go a long way toward that end.

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