Race for Governor: Todd Lamb

Todd Lamb is a candidate for governor of Oklahoma. (KOKH)

On June 26th, Oklahomans will have a chance to go to the polls to pick who they want to represent their party in the gubernatorial election. FOX 25 is profiling the major candidates in all three parties that will appear on the ballot.

On the Republican ticket voters will find some familiar names. One of those is someone Republicans have voted for twice in the last seven and half years as Lieutenant Governor: Todd Lamb.

Lt. Governor Lamb is now asking Oklahomans to support him for governor. One of his first tasks in the primary election is to make sure voters now that the Lt. Governor’s office is completely separate from the Governor’s office. It is a primary focus as Lamb, a Republican, is seeking to further distance himself from Governor Mary Fallin who has fallen out of favor with many voters in both political parties and some polls have named her one of the most unpopular governor’s in the country.

“The Governor and Lt. Governor don't share a post it note, not a pen, not a staff member, they are entirely separate offices,” Lamb told FOX 25.

Lamb has served as the state’s second-in-command for the last seven-and-a-half years. However, his positions have come into direct contrast with the current administration on more than one occasion. In fact, in 2017 Lamb made a very public split from Governor Fallin by resigning as the small-business advocate on the governor’s cabinet.

“Oklahoma is in much of the mire that it is in because we have had no plan, we've had no long term vision for Oklahoma,” Lamb said.

Lamb says his campaign will bring a new vision for the state and it will begin with reform. It is reform, that he says, he’s been frustrated he could not get pushed through in his current position.

“This has really been a frustrating capacity as Lt. Governor, I'm a bullpen pitcher, if you will, that's never been called into the game,” Lamb told FOX 25.

“Oklahoma state government does not work, it does not serve its people well,” Lamb said. “As the next governor of Oklahoma I’ll make sure government works; I’ll also be focused on workforce development making sure our next generations are prepared to enter the workforce.”

Lamb's platform is centered on budget reform, education, neighborhoods, economic growth and work.

He believes the legislature needs to focus more on the budget and less on policy and he wants to see 65-percent of education funding to go to classrooms as opposed to being spent on administration and overhead.

He is also pushing for economic diversity in the state.

“Oklahoma is an oil and gas state; Oklahoma is an agrarian state; we will never divorce ourselves from hydrocarbons, nor should we, we'll never divorce ourselves from agriculture nor should we because we can grow it, raise it and extract it better than anybody else in any part of the country,” Lamb said.

Lamb's plan to grow Oklahoma’s economy is not necessarily reliant on bringing in new business; it is focused on making the most of the Oklahomans already doing business here.

“We must export more,” Lamb said. “As governor I’ll appoint the first Secretary of International Trade Oklahoma has ever had, working right in between the Secretary of Agriculture for Ag commodities and the Secretary of Commerce for all of our commodities.”

The new position would be providing the expertise to Oklahoma companies that can expand to international sales, but lack the know-how or resources to get started.

Lamb says even though his party has been in control of every state-wide elected position and the legislature for the past two terms, the results have been lacking.

“When you have a super majority, super ideas are required,” Lamb explained, “As a citizen I've been frustrated that I’ve not seen super ideas.”

Lamb’s campaign is focused on discussing specific ideas aimed at getting the state back on solid financial footing for the future.

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