Can drinking collagen help turn back the clock on wrinkles?


You've probably heard of people going under the knife to get collagen injections to give you fuller lips or smooth out skin imperfections. But, beauty bloggers everywhere are raving about a new way to achieve that glow without surgery.

Baleigh Davenport is actually adding collagen to her morning coffee.

“It just tastes like regular old black coffee,” Davenport said.

It’s a new beauty trend taking social media by storm. You no longer need an injection to get a boost of what some call a miracle working protein to help with fine lines and wrinkles.

Charles Davis sells collagen peptides at Total Nutrition in OKC.

“The main reason why people take collagen is to promote that glowing radiant look,” Davis said.

Davis says that lots of health conscious Oklahomans are flocking to his store to get the collagen cocktail, which is also said to promote hair and nail growth and keep you energized.

“You need that supplement just like you would take a vitamin or fish oil,” Davis said.

So, does it work? We asked Baleigh to try collagen in her morning coffee every day for a month. She kept a video diary of her results.

“Overall my skin does look and feel better, it’s hard to say whether or not that’s from adding in a new skin care regimen or the collagen peptides but it could be a combination of both," Davenport said.

Baleigh leads a very active lifestyle. She’s a teacher, realtor and does high intensity interval workouts daily. She says she liked adding in an extra boost of protein to help fuel her busy day without any extra taste.

In fact, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Dr. Lorin Olson with the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation said.

"Its in the skin, its in the bone, its basically like bricks, its just the structural basics," Olson said.

He also says adding it in to your health regimen will not be a magic fix. Your body will absorb the collagen just like it would any other protein easily found in our regular diet.

"Nothing is going to go wrong if you take these collagen supplements, they won’t hurt you, it’s just protein” Olson said.

The verdict? Collagen in your coffee or smoothie is not an instant time machine. But Davenport says the collagen has been a great addition to her morning routine. Others on the forefront of health and beauty trends say, why not?

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