Businesses worried about impact of May Avenue bridge collapse

    The Oklahoma City Fire Department says no one has been injured following a bridge collapse along Northwest Expressway. (KOKH/Kylen Mills)

    Along with traffic, area businesses came to a screeching halt Thursday afternoon when the May Ave bridge collapsed.

    "When I first saw it I was shocked. I was like, because I just drove on the bridge to go to lunch around noon."

    It was another Thursday afternoon at work for Cameron Buckner and Oswaldo Orozco. Around 2:30 the pair was preparing for the afternoon rush at USE Federal Credit Union.

    "I hear like a loud boom and I thought it was an earthquake," said Buckner.

    Buckner soon realized that noise was no earthquake...

    "I saw the bridge and I was like oh my gosh I was just on that street that could have been me," said Buckner.

    What Buckner heard was the May Ave. bridge over NW Expressway come crashing down onto a semi. Orozco says he drove right by the collapsed bridge on his way back to the branch moments after it happened.

    "My biggest thought was like I hope nobody's hurt because it was, it was ridiculous. You don't see that every day," said Orozco.

    Orozco and Buckners' afternoon quickly turned upside down as northwest expressway was shut down and emergency vehicles flooded the road right outside their doors.

    "The traffic flow was dead, completely dead. And normally we're slammed," said Buckner.

    Several businesses told Fox 25 in the hours after the crash, they had almost no customers. With the intersection closed indefinitely, many are worried the detours could steer customers away.

    "I think it's definitely going to affect the traffic not just for ourselves but for everyone located near this because you know people are going to have a tough time getting over here," said Orozco.

    "I hope they hurry up and get it fixed so people can actually get to work," said Buckner.

    No word on how long repairs will take and when the roadway will reopen.

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