Boys and Girls Club phone number spoofed, not asking for phone donations

Photo courtesy the Booys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County.JPG

Someone has spoofed the Boys and Girls Club phone number.

A scammer called an OKC resident pretending to be from the Boys and Girls Club and asked for money on behalf of the club.

The phone number on caller-id showed the Boys and Girls Club according to the resident.

President of the Boys and Girls Club Jane Sutter said it's disappointing to hear about scam phone calls using their name.

"It's devastating to hear of someone trying to make a personal gain through the name of the Boys and Girls club and the thought that people might actually be contributing to the cause," Sutter said.

The spoofer said they were selling ankle and back braces to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club.

"If there's something about it that makes you feel uncomfortable or makes you think that maybe this is a scam call, simply hang up, call the organization yourself and verify one way or the other before you provide any type of personal information," Oklahoma City police officer Megan Morgan said.

The person who received the call checked with the Boys and Girls Club and they told them it was a scam. Sutter said that's the right thing to do.

"We probably don't always hear," Sutter said. "I think that we're really lucky when community people raises a red flag when they get a call like that or get somebody at their front door like that. We definitely want them to let us know."

The Boys and Girls Club said they are not affiliated with this person and said not to give them any money.

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