Body camera shows foot chase, altercation between officers and theft suspect

Body camera footage shows a foot pursuit and altercation between a reported theft suspect and Oklahoma City Police Department officers on Feb. 1. (Oklahoma City Police Department)

Body camera footage shows an altercation between police and a theft suspect following a foot pursuit in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Police Department reports show that shortly before 6 p.m. Feb. 1 officers were called to Gamestop, 2325 W. Memorial Road.

An employee at the business stated they observed 27-year-old Damarion Lee enter the store and reportedly walk out carrying a Playstation 4 gaming system. The employee followed Lee to the parking lot and watched him get into a gray SUV that began driving through a nearby Lowe's parking lot.

An officer arrived at the scene and attempted to stop the SUV in the parking lot. When the officer approached the vehicle, Lee jumped out and took off running.

Body camera video shows the officer attempt to deploy his TASER at Lee unsuccessfully. Lee continues running before being taken down by an officer.

An altercation then occurred as the officer and a backup officer attempted to subdue Lee. At one point, Lee reportedly takes the officer's TASER.

"He's got my taser, he's trying to TASE us," The officer can be heard yelling on body camera video.

Lee eventually drops the TASER after the officers say he could be shot. Body camera footage also shows Lee asking a passerby to record the incident. That person advices Lee to comply with the officer's demands saying, "Stop! I'm trying to help you out."

Oklahoma City Police Department MSgt. Gary Knight, said that's the best thing you can do in that situation, comply.

"Any time a suspect gains control of an officer's weapon; whether it's his gun, whether it's his taser; you name it. It's a very dangerous situation," Knight said. "And it takes an already dangerous situation up several notches higher."

Lee was taken into custody on complaints of assault on a police officer, petit larceny and resisting arrest.

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