Bipartisan commission formed to review Oklahoma's death penalty process

Former Gov. Brad Henry, Reta Strubhar and Andy Lester will co-chair a commission to review Oklahoma's capital punishment process. (Photos courtesy The Constitution Project)

A bipartisan group has formed to review Oklahoma's death penalty process.

The Oklahoma Death Penalty Review Commission will perform a review of the state's entire capital punishment system. The group is co-chaired by the following:

  • Brad Henry, former Oklahoma governor
  • Reta Strubhar, former Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and Assistant District Attorney of Canadian County
  • Andy Lester, former US Magistrate Judge for the Western District of Oklahoma and Spencer Fane law firm member

"Our goal is to provide a resource for Oklahomans to allow them to make informed judgments about our state's capital punishment system that, we hope, will benefit both Oklahoma and the country as a whole," Henry said.

The co-chairs are joined by the following on the commission:

  • Robert H. Alexander Jr.
  • Howard Barnett
  • Andrew Coats
  • Valerie Couch
  • Maria Kolar
  • Christy Sheppard
  • Kris Steele
  • Gena Timberman

The commission is set to independently determine its findings and recommendations. The group will have a full report made public in 2017.

The Constitution Project will provide staffing and logistical support for the commission.

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