Bikers fulfill dream of little girl with bone disorder with motorcycle ride

Bikers came together in Norman to fulfill little girl's dream. (Caroline Vandergriff/KOKH)

A Norman mother's Facebook post sparked an act of kindness for her daughter.

Ryan Scroggin has a rare bone and joint disorder called arthrogryposis. At nine years old, she's already endured eight surgeries and will likely need more when she's older.

"Every single morning, when she gets out of bed, her ankles hurt," said her mom, Keke Farrar. "Her back hurts. I usually have to hold her up to take her to brush her teeth."

On April 28th, Farrar posted about Ryan's dream to ride a motorcycle: "It would be perfect for me because my knees don't bend so I could ride one."

"She’ll never be able to ride a bike, but a motorcycle she can do," Farrar said.

The post spread - and dozens of bikers came out to Ryan's home in Norman on Sunday to help make her dream a reality. They even made her an honorary member of their motorcycle clubs and took her on a ride around the neighborhood.

"I’m sure she was smiling the whole time under that helmet when she got on the motorcycle," said Robert Cole, the motorcyclist who organized Ryan's ride. " Totally grateful. Can’t thank these guys enough for taking a little time out of their day and schedule to come do something and give back a little bit."

After one ride, Ryan said she still wants to be a biker when she grows up. Luckily, her love of motorcycles doesn't scare her mom.

"I guess for her 16th birthday that’s going to be her first car," she said.

As the bikers took off, they left Ryan with enough memories to last a lifetime.

" That was cool because it was for me and it was cool," Ryan said.

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