Deputy: Possible sighting of escaped inmates was case of mistaken identity

Manhunt underway in Rogers County after possible sighting of Lincoln County Jail escapees (KTUL)

The black GMC is where it all began. Broken down on the side of the road, neighbors notice two strangers running down the street.

"They took a look at those subjects, they knew that they didn't belong in this area," said Rogers county sheriff's deputy Kyle Baker.

And more than that, they thought they might be some of the escaped inmates from Lincoln county. And before you knew it, the house where they fled was surrounded by a small army of Catoosa police, Rogers county deputies, Oklahoma Highway patrol and US Marshals.

At 5:15, over a dozen authorities made their way into the home, and soon four men and one woman came out in handcuffs.

"The suspects that we do have did match the description that the passerby's found with the vehicle down the street that they saw," said Baker.

But as to whether any of the men were the escaped inmates? That would be a resounding no.

"I think it was a mistaken identity," he said.

Early Monday morning, four men escaped through a ventilation system at the Lincoln County Jail. The inmates were 31-year-old Jeremy Irvin, 27-year-old Trey Goodnight, 41-year-old Sonny Baker and 23-year-old Brian Moody.

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