Dash camera footage captures moments during lengthy metro pursuit

Dash camera footage shows a Nov. 10 pursuit that weaved through southeast and southwest Oklahoma City. (Courtesy Moore Police Department)

Moore police have released dash camera footage of a lengthy pursuit last week in the metro.

Brenton Hager, 25, was arrested Nov. 10 following a pursuit that lasted over two hours and took authorities throughout southeast and southwest Oklahoma City. Police say Hager was driving a stolen truck.

The pursuit rolled through Moore at one point and dash camera footage from two Moore Police Department vehicles show the pursuit going through highways and fields.

From nearly driving into oncoming traffic, to driving irate on I-35.

“Alright, he's going back on to the highway eastbound across the grass,” said one Moore Police officer.

To taking to social media.

“Oklahoma City, amongst everything, they say he should be broadcasting live on Facebook,” said another officer.

“I’m thinking hopefully if I get to Cleveland County, I'll get to go to jail there and not Oklahoma County,” said Hager during a Facebook Live video.

Hager lead police on a chase for hours Friday. Although no one was hurt during this wild pursuit, Moore Police said you never know what the suspect's intentions are.

“All these pursuits are dangerous, but when you have someone doing things like that. It's just total disregard for anyone's safety,” said Moore Police spokesperson, Jeremy Lewis. “And there's different things in our video where you see him come close to broadsiding cars.”

And at one point, one of Moore's officer hit something that caused two tires to blow out.

“207, you're going to have to take over buddy, I lost a tire I believe,” said one Moore Police officer.

But during that pursuit, police said a civilian stepped in, shooting at Hager's tires in order to stop the pursuit, but Moore Police said that creates a lot of issues.

“It creates a lot of hazards for us as well as them. They don't know everything that we know. If the person's armed, but they're also in our way,” Lewis said.

Police said the reason they don't fire bullets during a pursuit is because they don't know where the bullets will end up with a moving object.

“Getting involved in a pursuit is dangerous in a police car,” Lewis said, “But in a regular car and then chasing someone down and shooting at them, all of that's a crime. And the reason that's a crime is because it's very dangerous.”

Cleveland County Sheriff's Office has taken over the investigation from Friday's pursuit. They said the investigation is ongoing and can't say if that civilian who interfered will face charges for shooting at the suspect.

Hager was broadcasting live to Facebook during the pursuit and made statements that led authorities to believe he may be armed. He was arrested after crashing his vehicle into a pond.

Hager was charged with eight counts in connection to the pursuit Monday in Cleveland County.

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