Authorities believe man accused of kidnapping and rape in Canadian County has more victims

Hoang Vinh Huy Tran, 20, was arrested Jan. 12 in Wichita in connection to a rape and kidnapping in Canadian County. (Canadian County Sheriff's Office)

A man accused of kidnapping and raping a teenager in Canadian County is now suspected of a similar crime in Kansas and authorities believe he may have more victims.

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West reports that 21-year-old Hoang Vinh Huy Tran was arrested Jan. 12 in Wichita.

On Jan. 11, the Canadian County Sheriff's Office released a sketch of the man they were searching for in connection to a kidnapping and rape. On Dec. 18, a young girl had come up to a residence near Hefner and Gregory Road and stated she had been abducted and raped. The 17-year-old victim was transported to a local hospital.

After being interviewed, deputies learned that the girl had been walking to her place of work in Bricktown. At about 3 p.m. the girl was walking in the area of SW 23 and Robinson when she was approached by a young man offering her a ride. The girl didn't know the man and only accepted the ride because she was late for work.

The man began driving northbound but did not turn towards Bricktown. When the girl stated he had missed the turn, he told her that he wanted to have sex with her and would kill her if she tried to get away. She later stated he had a large knife he used to threaten her.

The man then drove to a rural location northwest of Yukon. The girl said he would stop periodically and pull off into secluded areas and attempt to rape her. She was able to fight the man off several times but he eventually forced himself on the girl.

The girl stated she was able to escape the vehicle and ran into the woods near Gregory and Hefner Road. She then hid for approximately 90 minutes while the man searched for her in the area. She later approached the home, where authorities were contacted.

A few hours after the sketch was released, authorities received a phone call from an anonymous source in Wichita identifying the suspect. Wichita police were able to arrest Tran and hold him for extradition. Tran allegedly had a plane ticket to Vietnam on his person when arrested.

Tran was extradited back to Canadian County. After his arrest, Tran was determined to be the primary suspect in a different abduction and assault that occurred between the Dec. 18 assault and his Jan. 11 arrest in Kansas.

During the crime, the suspect used the same large butcher knife and drove the victim to a rural area near Augusta, Kansas.

Authorities believe that Tran may have additional victims. If anyone has information on additional victims or crimes, they are asked to contact Lieutenant Mike Grims with the Criminal Investigations Division of the Canadian County Sheriff's Office at 405-295-6764.

Tran is described as having brown eyes, black hair, with a tattoo of an owl on his left arm that went from his wrist to his elbow. He has noticeable acne on his back and chest. He was driving a black Toyota with Oklahoma tag EWN456. Tran has lived in Alva, Oklahoma and Wichita, Kansas areas.

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