Argument over 'playing through' leads to assault at Edmond golf course

Two men were arrested May 8 in Edmond after an altercation on a golf course. (Edmond Police Department)

An argument on an Edmond golf course reportedly led to two men assaulting a man with putters.

Edmond Police Department reports show that on May 8 police were called to an assault at Kickingbird Golf Club, 1600 E. Danforth. The victim told police that he was playing by himself and got into an argument with a foursome when he asked to play through.

The man stated he was on hole #11 and asked to play through when Eddie Aday, 67, told him that he was a volunteer marshal at the course. When the victim stated he didn't care, Aday reportedly got "nose to nose" with him. The victim took a step back and when Aday got nose to nose again the victim pushed him away.

Aday then took a "Ping Crazy E" putter and allegedly struck the victim in the head and face. During the altercation, 72-year-old William Hickman came from behind the victim and struck him across the thigh and buttocks with a putter.

At some point, the victim was able to get a hold of Aday's putter and the two "jousted" back and forth with it. The fight was broken up by one of the remaining two of the "foursome" when they realized how bad the victim was bleeding.

Police noted that the victim had multiple lacerations on his head and bruising on his thigh and buttocks. The victim went to the hospital and received three staples and 10 stitches.

Both Aday and Hickman were arrested on complaints of assault with a dangerous weapon.

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