Another OKC-based oil and gas company announces layoffs

(file photo)

Kimray, Inc., announced Thursday is will layoff 10 percent of its workforce amidst the oil and gas downturn.

The decision is aimed at "stabilizing Kimray's core" business, a news release said.

"Like many businesses in the energy industry, we are having to make very difficult decisions," said Kimray CEO, Thomas Hill III in a news release. "After much consideration, we decided this reduction is the right thing to do for the overall health of the company, but it doesn't make it any less difficult. We care deeply about our people."

Kimray has offices across the country.

"We are preparing appropriate severance packages and benefits for employees whose positions will end," said Executive Vice President, Shad Glass. "We will offer job placement services and counseling to help with the transition."

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