Andrew Young visits Oklahoma to speak about his role in the civil rights movement

    Andrew Young sitting next to Oklahoma Christian University President John deSteiguer. (KOKH/Connor Hansen)

    You might have seen Andrew Young standing next to Bernice King and John Lewis during the coin flip before the Super Bowl.

    Monday night, Young was in Oklahoma speaking at Oklahoma Christian University.

    Young worked alongside Martin Luther King Junior during the peak of the civil rights movement.

    He was the last person to speak with King before he was killed.

    During a sit-down at OCU, Young said one of his biggest take-aways from Dr. King was to be patient and take things one day at a time.

    "It's biblical," Young said. "Let the day's own trouble be sufficient under the day there of. Do the best you can today, and tomorrow will take care of yourself. Dr. King never knew what he was doing three days out. None of this is science, it's all spiritual."

    Young says it took him a while before he found his purpose in the Civil Rights Movement.

    He originally went to school to become a dentist.

    "I looked around, and everything seemed to have a purpose, and I said if the trees have purpose, and the corn fields have purpose, and the sunflowers have purpose, cotton fields, then there's got to be a purpose for me," Young said.

    His purpose became organizing marches and voter registration.

    He led the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and was arrested several times during the 1960's.

    "Do not plan a thing," Young said. "God has a better plan for you than you could ever dream of."

    Young went on to become the first black mayor of Atlanta, a United States congressman and an ambassador to the United Nations.

    When asked which of those was his favorite, he said it was being mayor since he was in charge and he was the one held accountable.

    Oklahoma Christian University brings in speakers every year for Black History Month for a series called History Speaks.

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