An Oklahoma steakhouse named one of best in country by Food Network

An Oklahoma steakhouse named one of best in country by Food Network (MGN)

An Oklahoma steakhouse has been named one of best in country by the Food Network.

The Food Network has published a list of the top 50 steakhouses across the country.

The steakhouse named on the list was Cattlemen's, located in Oklahoma City.

Here's what the network had to say about Cattlemen's:

Oklahoma: Cattlemen's Steakhouse
Stockyard City is home to Oklahoma National Stockyards, the largest feeder and stocker cattle market in the world since 1910. Cattlemen's Steakhouse was started to feed the cattle hands and packing-plant workers and has since become an iconic gathering place for generations of farmers and ranchers. The restaurant has two distinct looks: The original building is fashioned like a diner, with two long counters and red vinyl booths, while the steakhouse side has two dining rooms, The Hereford and The Angus, each adorned with full-length, backlit photo murals of grazing cattle. Given its storied pedigree, it's no surprise that Cattlemen's has close relationships with local ranchers, who supply the beef to the restaurant. Steaks are wet-aged for 21 to 60 days, including a 20-ounce "Presidential T-Bone," named after the late President George H.W. Bush (there's also a President Bush booth named in his honor). Beyond the beef, the most-popular dish on the menu is the lamb fries — thinly sliced, breaded and fried lamb testicles. Unable to find a buyer for cattle or lamb testicles, the packing houses used to give them to the restaurant for free with their meat orders, but the dish has become so popular that the restaurant has to source 15,000 pounds per year from Iceland. Wash 'em down with a Double Deuce, a mild, refreshing wheat beer brewed by local microbrewery Choc Beer Co.

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