After guilty verdicts in his death, community celebrates the life of Colton Clark

Balloons released to the heavens to say hi to Colton Clark. (Jordann Lucero / KOKH)

People gathered, released balloons and celebrated the life of Colton Clark Wednesday night. The vigil, held in Seminole, where Clark went missing in 2006, came two days after Clark's aunt and uncle were found guilty of child abuse and the boy's murder.


People kept a light mood at the vigil. Clark's brother, T.J. Sloan, said he wanted people to celebrate, not mourn his brother.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be standing here in celebration," Sloan said. "He was a tough little boy and for someone to feel sorry for him, for someone to just be downright sad, it's not how this should be looked at. He lived his life to the fullest."

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