A 16-year-old Tulsa cold case solved

Latricia Fipps, reported missing from Tulsa in November 2002

In November of 2002, then 31-year-old Latricia Fipps was reported missing from Tulsa. The investigation at the time focused mainly on Fipps's boyfriend; however, new evidence lead Detective Jason White to one more suspect after 16 years of investigating.

The investigation into Fipps's disappearance continued through the years, but the focus never changed from Joseph Calvert, Fipps's boyfriend.

Detective White learned that 38-year-old Shanna Ramsey had knowledge and culpability in the disappearance of Fipps.

In Jan., White presented the case to the Tulsa County District Attorney's Office who agreed to issue a warrant for the arrest of Calvert and Ramsey.

Detective White had contact with authorities in New Mexico who arrested Calvert and Ramsey near San Ysidro, New Mexico.

The arrest was without incident and the warrant was served on Calvert and Ramsey.

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