80 cell phones stolen from Edmond store

The person who stole 80 cell phones from an Edmond AT &T store broke into the restaurant next door. (KOKH)

80 cell phones snatched from an Edmond store.

Police are now looking for the burglar who stole $65,000 worth of phones from a secured vault.

A call for an alarm going off, pretty typical for police on the Fourth of July but this call in Edmond had a very strange ending.

"This one definitely was very well thought out and planned out in how to get in and get out of there quickly,” said Jenny Wagnon, spokesperson for Edmond Police.

The business was the AT&T store on West Danforth. Once police arrived they soon realized someone had actually broken into the Submarina restaurant next door and made their way to AT&T.

"Went up into the ceiling tiles and crawled across and then down into the vault and took about 80 pieces of merchandise which is about $65,000 worth of phones,” said Wagnon.

Officers saw in store surveillance video the suspect crawled through the ceiling to get into the locked vault where all the new cell phones are kept.

"It was late, you know, they were in the business by themselves so they were able to get that. Usually you see, you know, maybe 5 or 6 taken somebody will come in grab them and go type of scenario,” said Wagnon.

Police and store managers don't believe this carefully crafted crime was a coincidence. But they're still asking for the public's help tracking down this sneaky suspect.

"They feel like an employee would have to have this knowledge of knowing when inventory came in and when the vault was loaded and then again when to get in there with an alternate route,” said Wagnon

Unfortunately police could not release the surveillance video from inside the store but they're asking anyone with information on this burglary to call police.

This afternoon Fox 25 reached out to AT&T for comment and to try and get that surveillance video but we have not heard back.

Police say stolen cell phones are usually sold in other countries because if activated in the United States, AT&T would be notified.

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