76 years later: Pearl Harbor survivors honored in Oklahoma City


Seventy-six years ago, more than 2,000 Americans lost their lives during a surprise attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor. Survivors of the attack were honored Thursday during ceremonies in Oklahoma City.

Ivan Stewart was just an 18-year-old Navy storekeeper on Dec. 7, 1941 when his life and America changed forever.

"A plane flew over and I didn't know what those big red dots were but thought it was one of our planes out practicing and he was flying pretty low and about that time I saw something fall and the only thing in my mind was I wonder if he lost something," Stewart said.

Stewart quickly realized it was not a U.S. plane.

"I saw one plane coming for us and I saw that man again and shot him right through and the plane fell down to the other side of the island," Stewart said.

Stewart remembers battleships nearby sinking, including the USS Oklahoma. Something heavy on his mind as he remembers the man he tried to save.

"I often wonder over the years what happened to that guy. Did I let him get back in the water and he drowned and take some blame on myself? I dont know," Stewart said.

The infamous day still hits close to home 76 years later.

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