6-year-old Dewar girl recovering in hospital from rattlesnake bite

A little girl bitten by a snake in her own backyard is recovering in a Tulsa hospital. (KTUL)

HENRYETTA, Okla. (KTUL) -- A little girl bitten by a snake in her own backyard is recovering in a Tulsa hospital.

Tammy and Jess Collins have not been sleeping well. At least not since Saturday when the unthinkable happened.

“Our youngest son who’s five comes in and said that sissy had been bit," Tammy Collins said.

A pygmy rattlesnake sunk its teeth into the foot of their daughter, Adyson Griffin.

“[It] swelled up to twice its size, it had purple color," said Jess Collins.

The kids were in the backyard playing at their home in Dewar, just east of Henryetta.

The family rushed the 6-year-old to the hospital.

“Right now she’s just being watched real close," said Tammy Collins.

Despite dozens of vials of anti-venom, the family says she’s not in the clear and her siblings are sick with worry.

“They’re scared, they’re worried, they want her home," said Tammy Collins.

What’s worse, this isn’t the first snake bite in town.

Adyson is one of five snake bite cases reported in the Henryetta area in the last month, an uncommon number for local hospitals.

In fact, employees at Hillcrest Hospital in Henryetta have even seen snakes near their building.

Mary Fisher works in the emergency room.

“It’s deadly, it can actually kill people, it’s a long drawn out process, it’s painful," she said.

Fisher says the staff normally sees up to two snake bite cases each summer. And with more cases coming in, having enough anti-venom on hand isn’t a given.

“We just have to take precautions, we need to turn over the kids toys that are outside, we need to check the yard," said Fisher.

A warning that Fisher hopes others can heed and a lesson this family learned firsthand.

“[She’s] educated herself not to be around snakes anymore,” Jess Collins said.

The family says doctors have not given Adyson Griffin a timeline for recovery.

Right now doctors are treating the 6-year-old with anti-venom donated from the Tulsa Zoo.

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