4 officers on administrative leave while their use of force in pursuit arrest is reviewed

Cell phone video shows an arrest May 2 in Oklahoma City that lead to four officers being placed on administrative leave. (Video courtesy Rashad Young)

An encounter involving Oklahoma City Police Department officers has led to four being placed on paid administrative leave.

Oklahoma City Police Department Cpt. Paco Balderrama says that around 8 p.m. May 2 two undercover officers were doing a follow up investigation at a home with suspected drug activity. The officers then called for a marked police car to stop the suspects in the 200 block of SE 46th Street.

"One of of the officers displaying his badge around his neck approached the vehicle. That's when both officers heard a shot coming from inside the vehicle," Balderrama said.

The officers then ran back to the marked unit and called for more units. The suspect vehicle then fled from the scene, beginning a pursuit. The vehicle finally stopped near SE 66 and Interstate 35 where the driver was placed into custody.

Tabotric Dedrick, 34, was then taken into custody by force by all four officers. Inside the vehicle, police allegedly found a weapon. The officers in uniform did not turn their body cameras on but a witness recorded the incident on a cell phone.

In the video, the officers can be scene using their knees to take Dedrick into custody while he screams. Balderrama says that even though it is policy to turn them off when undercover police are around, they should have been turned on in this case.

"I think this is probably a pretty good example of a case where you would want the video and we have software where we can pixelate their faces," Balderrama said.

The officers involved in the case have not been identified but are being investigation both criminally and administratively.

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