3 arrested for impersonating officer in Rogers County

    (Left to right) Michael Newman, Matthew Lewis and Jessica Lewis were arrested for impersonating an officer in Rogers County. (Courtesy of Rogers County Jail)

    The Rogers County Sheriff's Office arrested three people on Wednesday for impersonating an officer.

    Around 11:15 p.m., a deputy was driving down Highway 88 in Claremore. He noticed a driver in a dark-colored vehicle turn their headlights on. There was a red and blue emergency light bar on top of the vehicle.

    The vehicle drove toward the deputy with the blue and red emergency lights flashing.

    The deputy said he knew none the the RCSO units were anywhere near him and remembered hearing about police impersonators in the county within the past several months.

    The deputy turned around and pulled the car over and noticed there were three passengers inside.

    The driver, Michael Newman, rolled down his window and the deputy said he could smell burnt marijuana. The deputy had all three people get out of the vehicle.

    The deputy spoke to the front seat passenger, Jessica Lewis, who he learned owned the vehicle. She told him she tried to stop the other two from pulling cars over and turning on the emergency lights, but the deputy said she didn't try hard enough.

    When the he spoke to the backseat passenger, Jessica's brother Matthew Lewis, he told the deputy he didn't know what "impersonating an officer meant" and he didn't know it was illegal. He added that he thought the deputy was someone else when they tried to pull him over.

    After searching the car, the deputy found evidence of marijuana. He also found multiple bags of methamphetamine and marijuana in Matthew's pockets.

    Michael, Matthew and Jessica were arrested and booked into the Rogers County Jail.

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