Videos reveal who took part in secret court proceedings

Former Oklahoma City Police Department officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, is found guilty on 18 of 36 charges, including rape and sexual battery.

There are new clues to what happened when the doors were locked and the public was shut out of hearings related to the conviction of Daniel Holtzclaw. Holtzclaw, is serving his sentence of more than 200 years after being convicted of multiple sex crimes including rape and sexual battery.

FOX 25 first revealed that the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals accepted motions under seal from the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office as part of the appeals process. The court then ordered the case back to Oklahoma County District Court for a hearing.

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The hearings started on a Monday morning. Surveillance video from outside the courtroom shows an employee of Judge Timothy Henderson posting a notice and covering the windows of the courtroom.

A team of prosecutors led by Gayland Gieger, the Oklahoma County Assistant District Attorney in charge of public corruption cases, arrived just before 9:00 AM. Gieger also led the prosecution of Holtzclaw.

One of the witnesses called during the secret proceedings was Oklahoma City Police Deputy Chief Johnny Kulman. The video shows Kulman meet with prosecutors for a short time before they went into the judge’s office. Just after 10:30, Gieger is seen leaning out the door of the judge’s office and motioning for Kulman to come inside. Kulman was inside the office for more than an hour before leaving.

The video also shows a senior city attorney who handles civil litigation was present for part of the hearing.

The hearings lasted all day Monday and all day Tuesday according to the video showing members of the DA’s office entering and exiting the judge’s office or courtroom.

The Attorney General's office, which is supposed to have the case now that is in appeals, told us when the secret motions were first filed that the court had ordered an evidentiary hearing.

The Oklahoma County DA’s office has not returned our multiple calls, texts, or emails related to the activities on Monday and Tuesday.

However, when FOX 25 first broke the news about the secret orders issued by the court of criminal appeals, District Attorney David Prater said the issue had nothing to do with any wrong doing by his office or his prosecutors, but said he could not say more.

The videos also confirm Holtzclaw's defense attorneys were not present and FOX 25 has learned they were not even told about the hearings until after they were over.

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