Oklahoma Supreme Court rules video of Joe Mixon punching woman is public record

Joe Mixon accepted an "Alford Plea" in October 2014 to the misdemeanor charge of acts resulting in gross injury/outraging public decency. (Cleveland County Jail)

The video showing Joe Mixon punching a young woman in the face is a public record and a copy of that record should be provided according to the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

The court ruled the video that the City of Norman withheld, claiming it was not an arrest record, is in fact a public record as the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters argued. FOX 25 is a member of the OAB.

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The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the city failed to address a key claim when Judge Thad Balkman put the video in the court record. That failure meant that the fact the video is also a court record is now undisputable.

In addition, the justices wrote that the Oklahoma Open Records Act does require copying of the video. A large number of media members were allowed to view the video at the Norman Police Department, but no copies were provided. The city claimed the law only allowed for inspection. However justices said they are “compelled to define the public’s right to inspect a record as including their right to obtain a copy.”

The City of Norman reports they will not release the video until they have a chance to file a petition for a rehearing. The city has 20 days to file the petition.

The OAB sued for the video in February 2015. The suit was originally dismissed before heading to the Oklahoma Supreme Court. In February 2016, a court of civil appeals judge ruled the video was public record but the City of Norman refused to release the video. Certain members of the media were allowed to view the tape in September 2014.

Mixon entered an Alford plea in October 2014 and served probation and 100 hours of community service. He was also suspended for a season.

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