Threats made against staff who worked on marijuana rules

Threatening emails were sent to state officials involved in the drafting of emergency rules following passage of SQ 788 (Phil Cross/KOKH).

UPDATE: Former OSDH General Counsel Julie Ezell has been accused of sending the threatening emails.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has been notified about threats to State Health Department Staff from marijuana supporters. The threats were received by staff who worked on the draft rules adopted Tuesday by the Commission that oversees the Health Department.

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The emailed threats came from a user identified as “MaryJame” using the internet-based email provider “Proton Mail.” The site advertises itself as a free “secure” and “encrypted” email provider.

The first email was sent on Sunday just after 2:00 in the morning. It read “If the government thinks they can take our rights away and erase our laws. I [sic] have news for you. We can show up with force to stop it. We will stop YOU and you’re [sic] greed. Anyway it takes to end your evil and protect what is ours. We will watch you.”

The names and identifying information of those receiving the threats have been removed to protect their privacy.

Later in the day, the same account sent another email that said, “Your [sic] all the same. Protect your cronies and trample everyone you can find. These laws are a laughing stalk. We will expose your corruption and evil. We would hate to hurt [you]. You will hear us. We are just beginning.”

On Tuesday morning, another ominous threat warned the state employees to “check” themselves prior to the commission meeting where the draft rules would be considered.

After the commissioners acted, against the advice of counsel, and approved additional rules to ban any form of marijuana that could be smoked and require a pharmacist at dispensaries, a fourth email was sent with other personal information.

The Health Department has turned the threatening emails over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. The OSBI is responsible for investigating threats against state officials.

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