Restaurant shooter: "I am under hardcore demonic attack..."

In a video Tilghman titled "Someone help me, I'm losing it," he askes for "real" people to contact him (KOKH).

“I am under hardcore demonic attack you know; I really need some real people in my life so get in touch with me ASAP” Alex Tilghman said into the camera for his YouTube page. The post happened weeks before police say he went into Louie’s Bar and Grill on Lake Hefner and opened fire.

Tilghman, 28, lived in Oklahoma City and his social media posts are filled with cryptic references to demonic attacks. In one video posted from the Oklahoma City Zoo, Tilghman complains of a demon-possessed squirrel which followed him around the park.

Other videos posted three weeks before the shooting, Tilghman appears to be recording video near Lake Hefner of the cars passing by, which he claimed Satan was making sound louder.

In a previous YouTube page, another user who claimed to be Tilghman’s brother said he was mentally disturbed.

Tilghman’s major focus was on demonic activity and his belief that most, if not all, of the people around him had been replaced by clones possessed by demons and that he was one of the few “real” people in the world.

Tilghman advertised his social media page using bumper stickers and posters he left around town. One poster that pointed to his YouTube warned of “Demons in Cloned Transsexual Bodies.”

“I even have my refrigerator attacking me,” a monotone Tilghman said in the video. “It turns on when I am thinking something.”

His monologues mix between this demonic possession belief and one where he feels he is living in a “matrix.” The “matrix” Tilghman talks about is in reference to a series of movies of the same name where humans are part of a computer-generated world and have to be liberated from that cybernetic network in order to be free.

Police say Tilghman walked to the door of the restaurant Thursday evening and fired from the outside. At least four people were injured by either bullets or the chaos that followed as patrons tried to flee the crowded building.

Two citizens, identified by police as Bryan Whittle and Juan Carlos Nazario, confronted Tilghman in the parking lot. Police say the men shot and killed Tilghman before he was able to continue with his plan.

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