Petition calls for firing of Wynnewood officer in alleged "puppycide" case

Eli Malone holds the cross he made for Opie's backyard grave. (Phil Cross/KOKH).

An online petition is calling for the firing of a Wynnewood police officer following the shooting of a family pet.

FOX 25 was the first to report on the shooting of “Opie,” an American Bulldog/Pit bull mix dog. The dog was shot at a child’s birthday party in Wynnewood.

According to the police chief, who declined multiple requests to do an interview with FOX 25 on the matter, the dog lunged at the officer when he came around the corner of the house. Chief Ken Moore said the officer was justified in shooting the dog.

The officer was at the house to serve a warrant for a man who had not lived at the location for a number of years. In fact, the officer had responded to that locations twice in the previous year and had interactions with the owners and their dogs.

The online petition has gathered more than 51,000 signatures asking for Wynnewood police to fire the officer who shot Opie. According to Opie’s family, the officer left him whimpering and retrieved a high-powered rifle to finish killing him.

“A dog that can hang out with kids at a 5-year-old’s birthday party hardly seems like a dangerous, aggressive dog,” wrote Care2 petition author Kelsey Bourgeois in a press release about the petition. “Opie was an American Bulldog and Pitbull mix though, so the police officer probably just profiled him as aggressive.”

Supporters of the petition call shootings of family pets by police “puppycide.”

Calls to the Wynnewood Police Department were unanswered. The Department has deactivated its Facebook page in the wake of the controversy. However the town's mayor told FOX 25 the officer's employment will be discussed at the next city council meeting.

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