Judge issues secret ruling after secret hearings while state asks for more secrecy

Surveillance video shows who attended a secret hearing on the Holtzclaw case at the Oklahoma County courthouse. (KOKH)

An Oklahoma County District Judge has made a ruling on a high-profile and controversial case, but you are not allowed to see it. District Judge Timothy Henderson has issued his ruling over what was discussed during a two-day secret hearing related to the appeal of Daniel Holtzclaw.

Court records indicate Henderson sent transcripts of the hearing that Holtzclaw’s attorneys were not allowed to attend to the Court of Criminal Appeals. The appeals court had ordered the secret hearing at the request of the Attorney General’s office.

FOX 25 was the first to tell you about the secret hearings and obtain surveillance video from outside the judge’s courtroom and office which showed who attended the hearing. The video showed the Oklahoma City Police Deputy Chief, a senior civil attorney for the city and a supervisor for the police crime lab all attended the hearing.

No one will talk about what was discussed at the hearing on the record, but FOX 25 has learned there is a concern about testimony from Holtzclaw’s trial by at least one of the state’s expert witnesses.

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The Attorney General’s office requested to file an additional motion under seal to the court of appeals after Judge Henderson issued his ruling.

Holtzclaw is currently serving 263 years in prison after a jury convicted him of raping and sexually assaulting women while he served as an Oklahoma City Police Officer.

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