Grand Jury will hear case involving "crucifixion" cuffing

The Kay County Detention center is under investigation by state authorities regarding the treatment of inmates (Phil Cross/KOKH).

The state’s multi-county grand jury will hear claims of prisoner abuse at the Kay County Detention Center. The case started with an investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, that report had been sitting in the Kay County District Attorney’s Office awaiting action.

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A FOX 25 Investigation revealed the complaints at the jail included a practice known inside the facility as “crucifixion.” The procedure consisted of guards stretching out an inmate’s arms and handcuffing them in that position. The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma launched its own investigation into the jail’s treatment of prisoners and said a “crucifixion” cuffing sometimes lasted until an inmate’s writs began to bleed.

The state’s multi-county grand jury meets in secret and hears from witnesses throughout the year. It is often relied on as an investigative tool, but also can be used to issue criminal indictments.

At the time of the FOX 25 Investigation, we contacted Kay County District Attorney Brian Hermanson about the claims. He said he had no comment about the concerns raised in the OSBI report.

We also contacted him about his decision to turn the case over to the grand jury. He again said he had no comment to our questions.

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