Officer who shot family pet resigns amid investigation

Wynnewood, Oklahoma. (KOKH/FILE)

A police officer who sparked a national outrage over the shooting of a family pet in Wynnewood has resigned and is under investigation by state officials.

Officer Josh Franklin resigned from the Wynnewood Police Department according to police Chief Ken Moore. Moore said Franklin was involved in a domestic dispute that involved allegations of strangulation. The incident was reportedly between Franklin and his wife, who is also a reserve officer for the Wynnewood Police Department.

Chief Moore told FOX 25 Franklin resigned and he immediately turned the investigation over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

FOX 25 was unable to reach the OSBI for comment on the case Monday.

Franklin was involved in multiple controversial incidents in Wynnewood. In 2016, Franklin was captured on video weaving among motorcycle riders at high speeds.

Later that year, Franklin was attempting to serve a warrant at the wrong address when he shot a family dog inside the fence of a home in Wynnewood. The shooting happened in front of children who were at the house for a birthday party.

National animal rights groups petitioned to have Franklin removed in the wake of that shooting of the dog named “Opie.”

The family who owned Opie have filed tort claims against the city of Wynnewood for the shooting of their dog.

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