Arrested Deer Creek teacher had emergency certification

Mugshot taken of Jeramy Gregston at the Oklahoma County Jail after arrest on claims he used a computer to solicit sex from an underage girl. (Oklahoma County Jail)

A Deer Creek High School teacher told state investigators he tried to hire a 17-year-old girl for sexual activity according to court records filed Monday. A source close to the investigation tells FOX 25 some of the arrangements were made during school hours.

According to a probable cause affidavit Jeramy Gregston told investigators with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotic’s Human Trafficking division that he planned to meet a 17-year-old to pay $150 for anal sex. The meeting was supposed to happen on Friday, instead Gregston was arrested.

He spent the weekend in the Oklahoma County Jail facing charges of solicitation of minor and violations of state computer crime laws.

According to documents released by Deer Creek Public Schools in response to a FOX 25 Open Records Request, the district hired Gregston as an emergency certified teacher. His certification is in “business education” and lasts for just one year. The district said Gregston was paid $34,008.35 for teaching “ACT Prep,” “Desktop Publishing,” and “Boy’s Lifetime Fitness.” He also received a coaching salary of $3,100.00 for his work as an assistant coach of the high school boys’ basketball team.

Deer Creek released a copy of Gregston’s completed background check which shows he did not have any violent criminal charges.

However, the district has not answered FOX 25’s additional questions about the vetting of employees. A search of the Oklahoma Courts network, which is free online, provides a number of cases involving Gregston. He has been involved in multiple lawsuits related to his business.

Some parents have expressed concern though about another part of Gregston’s legal past. In 2010, his then wife filed for a victim protective order. In the court filing Gregston’s wife details what she described as 15-20 minutes of physical abuse. The incident included Gregston allegedly hitting her with his fists. Gregston went to court to fight the order, but online records show the judge issued the protective order in favor of his wife after hearing from both parties.

FOX 25 attempted to contact Gregston on the phone, but our message was not returned and court records do not indicate he has hired an attorney for his current criminal case.

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