Model in Britain's sex-and-spy Profumo scandal dies at 75

FILE - in this file photo dated July 22, 1963 Christine Keeler, a principal witnesses in the vice charges case against osteopath Dr. Stephen Ward. The model at centre of Profumo Affair, a scandal that rocked the political establishment and forced cabinet minister to resign, has died Tuesday Dec. 5, 2017, according to a statement issued by her family. (AP Photo/FILE)

Christine Keeler, the central figure in the sex-and-espionage Profumo scandal that rocked Cold War Britain, has died at 75.

Her son, Seymour Platt, posted on Facebook that Keeler died Monday at a hospital near Farnborough in southern England.

Born in 1943, Keeler was a model and nightclub dancer in 1963 when she had an affair with British War Secretary John Profumo.

When it emerged that Keeler had also slept with a Soviet naval attache, the collision of sex, wealth and national security issues caused a sensation and helped topple the Conservative government.

A naked photo of Keeler straddling the back of a chair is among the most famous U.K. images of the 1960s.

She spent the rest of her life trying to escape her unwanted notoriety.

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