Ashton Kutcher tweets out phone number encouraging people to text him

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    Ever wanted the chance text Ashton Kutcher? Now is your chance!

    The Iowa-native actor posted his cell phone number (with a 319 area code, by the way) on Twitter for all of his 18 million followers to see, saying he missed having a "real connection with real people."

    Kutcher teased a change to his social media strategy on Monday.

    A screenshot of the automatic reply to those that send a text to the number Ashton Kutcher tweeted. (CBS2/FOX28)

    After texting the number, you are prompted to sign up for a form that allows him to respond to you. People that sign up are then sent another text welcoming them to his community.

    Kutcher has a history of investing in tech companies like Spotify, Uber and Airbnb, so while not confirmed, it appears that the Cedar Rapids-born actor is trying out a new platform to connect with people.

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