I-235 remains closed until Tuesday, Bridges put in place

I-235 will remain closed until Tuesday morning. Shardaa Gray

I-235 remains shut down. That means hundreds of thousands of drivers will have to go a different way to work Monday morning.

ODOT crews have made progress in the project, but not enough to open things up. Both railroad bridges are now over the highway.

It was a sight to see, moving the second two-million-pound railroad trusses into place above I-235, otherwise known as Broadway extension.

“Watching this stuff, there's some intelligence that goes in here, way beyond me,” said spectator, Dean Perry.

The $88 million project has made history of its own, bringing out tons of spectators. When the project is complete, the interstate will go from four lanes to six. But for now, their focus is getting the lanes open as soon as possible, starting with the northbound.

“As a result, the contractors have already started preparing that side of the highway for traffic. So they're ahead of the game. We know that we can open the northside before the south.” Said ODOT Field Division Engineer, Brian Taylor.

But since it's still closed, detoured traffic Monday morning might be a headache for those early risers. Officials said once Broadway Extension is back open, you’ll notice a change.

“It's not like you saw last time you saw it. The lanes have shifted slightly, so be careful,” said ODOT Director, Mike Patterson. “Pay attention, be careful and don't assume it's the same road you saw last Friday.”

Once those lanes are open, it's important to know those sharp curves drivers once endured will be gone.

“We're going to do everything we can to try to take out the curvature out of the roadway. We have our stripping crews on sight. We're looking at the geometry of the road to see what we can do to improve that for the traveling public,” said Allen Construction, Reed Greenhill.

But spectators told FOX 25, they'll plan to avoid I-235 for the time being.

“If I have to come this way, I'll come this way. Even if I have to make a detour,” Perry said.

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