Consumer Watch: Why it's the right time to thrift shop


Do the items in your home spark joy? That's a question more people are asking themselves after a certain Netflix show went viral. Goodwill of Central Oklahoma has seen an increase in their donations this year....

compared to this time last year, so you might find something that sparks joy at your local thrift store.

Whether it is clothes, home décor, or books, expect to find a little more of everything at your local Goodwill of Central Oklahoma. There is a six and a half percent increase in donations this year compared to this time last year. Could it be because of the Netflix hit Tidying Up with Marie Kondo? Well, maybe.

"It is hard to say whether it has anything to do with Tidying Up featuring Marie Kondo, but we do love the show,” says Heather Warlick, Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma marketing and communications manager.

What Warlick says she knows for sure is that Tidying Up with Marie Kondo does more than push people to throw stuff out.

“Marie Kondo kind of helps people find empathy for the things in their homes, and that means realizing that those items are worth something, and they are valuable,” says Warlick.

So, if something doesn't spark joy to you, it could still spark joy to someone else. You can feel good about holding those items, thanking it-- KonMarie style-- and releasing it from your home, potentially into someone else's home.

Goodwill of Central Oklahoma says that if you are unsure if something might sell, donate it any way. That's because if something doesn't sell it is recycled.

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