Consumer Watch: Ways to save as popular food prices soar

Avocado shortages have caused an increase in prices (KOKH).

Who doesn't love a good avocado? Everyone, except maybe FOX 25’s Dan Snyder. The big problem for those who enjoy avocados is that supply has been low, so prices are going up. FOX 25 Consumer Watch interviewed produce experts to figure out how you can have your avocados and eat them too.

An avocado shortage out of California and Mexico has made prices jump-- for restaurants and grocery stores buying in bulk; even consumers are even feeling the price hike. It's common to see prices jump from about a dollar all the way to nearly two per avocado. In Oklahoma City, Buy for Less Produce Director Frank Stubblefield says he has had to search to even have enough of the product available.

“We had to find different places to get it, and when I say different places-- it is the same vendor, but we have had to go to Peru and to Chile, and Dominican Republic, and all over to supply,” says Stubblefield.

Also expect to see the avocados a little less ripe than usual. On the plus side, they will last longer. If you have a perfectly ripe avocado, but you’re not ready to eat it, you can give yourself a little extra time so it doesn't go to waste.

“If you don't want it tonight, the best thing to do is to put these in the refrigerator, that slows down the ripening process,” says Stubblefield.

Adding lime to an already peeled avocado will also keep it from turning brown. Though prices are still higher than average, expect to see more avocados available in stores. Stubblefield says he is finding it easier each passing week to find more available product.

As always, the best way to save money is not to throw away what you buy. When it comes to avocados, if you are buying a couple of them, buy them in different colors, that is different levels of ripeness -- depending on when you are going to eat them.

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