Consumer Watch: Valentine's Day gift ideas

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It’s a couple of days until Valentine’s Day, and you still have time to look for an out of the ordinary gift for your special someone. Fox 25 Consumer Watch reached out to Consumer Queen blogger Melissa Garcia to get her take on some favorites.

Gifts for Him:

1.Ring security camera

“It has the solar panel that is attached to it. It's got HD video, weather resistant, two way talk-- so you can actually talk to someone if you see them on your property,” says Melissa Garcia, the Consumer Queen blogger.

2.New phone or new phone plan

“The iPhone XS-- so my husband is a travel blogger, so he really needs a phone that will take excellent pictures for Instagram and social media. He needs one that's got reliable service,“ says Garcia.

She adds that she has switched her family over to T-Mobile and is happy with the coverage and


“They offer free Netflix. They do freebies in the app every Tuesday,” says Garcia.

3.Omaha Steaks

Garcia says she likes the sampler packs as gifts, or the meaty slow cooker packs for men on the go.

4.Gift cards

“If you are looking for something that is more on a budget, we have a lot of different great options for you. You know Target gift cards, Best Buy gift cards, Topgolf-- you can even buy a cute little mason jar, put some Red Hots in it with a little note that says, ‘you are so hot,’” says Garcia.

Gifts for Her:


“I love flowers, but I am a really big chocolate girl, and so Godiva just screams valentine's day for me,“ says Garcia of the more traditional gift.

She says you can be a little different by opting for the 9-piece chocolate cupcake set. The chocolates are molded and decorated to look like little cupcakes. There is also a more traditional heart set. Whatever you pick, don’t forget the freebie gift.

“Sign her up for Godiva Rewards because it is free, and she is going to get one free piece of chocolate every month for an entire year, “says Garcia.

2.Cook a romantic meal

Trying your hand at a romantic meal could show your gift really comes from the heart. Garcia says she likes the Valentine’s day meal kits from Omaha Steaks to get all the items you need in one box.

3.Out of the ordinary beauty buys

Garcia says she likes a vitamin and mineral IV treatment from Integrative Medical Solutions in Edmond. It can run between $40 and $180 dollars.

For a budget beauty buy, Garcia says she likes the Baby Foot Exfoliation Peel that costs under 20 dollars.

4.DIY Valentine’s basket

Here Garcia recommends finding a container at the Target Dollar Spot, and then filling it with your Valentine’s favorite movies, snacks, and other goodies. Depending on the size, it can be a heartfelt budget friendly gesture or a major splurge.

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