Consumer Watch: Top scams of the year

Data shows many Americans are defrauded, no matter their age (FILE).

In a new report, the Federal Trade Commission found there were 2.7 million reports of different kinds of scams. Knowing the most popular scams can keep you on alert.

When it comes to fraud reports, Oklahoma is 36ths in the nation with just under 19-thousand reports last year, but consider this, not everyone reports to the FTC when they have been scammed.

From a computer, to a phone call, or even in person, people can be defrauded in so many different ways. The FTC investigates fraud reports, and this year, the top three problems were debt collection, identity theft, and imposter scams.

When it comes to fraud reports, we aren't just talking about losing a few bucks. About 210-thousand people reported losing money, with a median loss of $429 in 2017. The site also tracks military specific reports. Military consumers were most targeted by imposter and telephone scams with higher median losses of $619.

No matter your job or your age, the data shows everyone is vulnerable. Remember not to give up your personal information, especially on phone calls or emails you did not initiate. Young people reported losing money more often than older people, but when older people lost money, it tended to be a higher amount.

Some positive news, though, employment and tax related fraud reports are lower than they have been in the last four years.

The data is affected when people do not report the scam to the FTC. To file a complaint, click here.

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