Consumer Watch: Thrift flipping, a creative way to make some cash


You've probably heard about house flipping, but that whole process is a big commitment. The creatively inclined could consider a different kind of project—thrift flipping. A major part of thrift flipping is the thrill of the hunt, so just a little bit of looking around and you might just find your future treasure.

Fox 25 Consumer Watch went on a thrift hunt, at the Goodwill on Northwest Expressway and Council Road in Oklahoma City. There we found furniture for every room in your house. Some of the items looks like new, while other things are worn and could use a creative make over.

“if you are coming to buy some furniture, to do some DIY projects, you definitely need to bring a big enough vehicle, for one thing. Bring some people to help you load it, and then really just kind of maybe have in mind what it is that you want to do,” says Heather Warlick, Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma creative services manager.

If you are looking for a small scale flipping project, thrift is the way to go. The point is to keep that initial cost low, to make that resale potential strong.

“Chairs are so easy to refinish because you just pop the little seat off-- most of the time it's just got some screws underneath,” recommends Warlick.

There is tougher stuff, like a full reupholstering of a wing back chair. If you are new to thrift flipping, the good news is that there is no major initial investment if you are shopping thrift.

“That is the whole point of shopping thrift. You go and you get to be creative and expressive, but you don’t have to spend a million dollars and you are being green,” says Warlick.

It is environmentally friendly to reuse these pieces by giving them new life, but if you’re an especially good thrift flipper, you could be making a little green too. For example, if you were to refinish different dining chairs into a quirky but complementary set, a successful flip could be sold online on sites like Etsy or even Facebook marketplace for more than you paid. If you are thrift flipping for yourself, you will likely save money on furnishing your own home with one of a kind pieces.

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