Consumer Watch: The fresh faced movement hits the professional world

More women in Oklahoma and across the nation are opting to go make-up free. (Photo: MGN)

For every new shade of lipstick, there is a growing number of women scaling back on make up or going fully make up free: #freshface #freshfacefriday #makeupfree

It's a growing movement, and it's about more than snapping a selfie. Fox 25 Consumer Watch has the stories of three women, and their decision to ditch the mask.

“I think it is very positive, very brave. That allows women to feel more confident about their own natural skin and their own natural beauty too,” says Elizabeth Rathgeber.

Rathgeber is a pharmacist in Oklahoma City, and she works in a sterile environment, so make up is a no go at work, and that just started to seep into her personal life.

“With not wearing makeup, it was healthier for my skin too, and in turn acne went down as well,” says Rathgeber.

Gina Dunseith is a geologist in Oklahoma City and she is also makeup free.

“I was thinking about it the other day. I didn't wear a lot of make up in high school. I never wore make up in college,” says Dunseith.

Dunseith and all the women Fox 25 Consumer Watch interviewed, say that for them being make-up free is not a grand statement, just the way they choose to live life.

Bess Jackson is a special projects manager in Norman. She has been make-up free for almost two years.

“I use to wear makeup pretty much every day, and then a few days before work I was running behind and so to save time I just didn't put make up on, and then I realized it really wasn't a priority for me, so I just stopped wearing it,” says Jackson.

Though the makeup free movement is entering more offices across the U. S., the beauty industry will likely continue to hold strong. The three women all say they have nothing against make-up, and use mascara and some light make-up on special occasions.

The biggest issue for women working in office settings is the idea that not wearing make-up might be seen as unprofessional. However, the three Oklahomans Fox 25 Consumer Watch followed found that not to be the case. For them it's just important to be comfortable in their own skin, even if people occasionally tell them that they look tired.

If you are considering limiting the amount of make-up you wear, you will save money, but it is important to keep up with the expiration dates of any cosmetics you might have to find out how long each type of makeup lasts.

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