Consumer Watch: Test picks fastest cell networks in Oklahoma

PC Magazine tested major mobile networks, and says all carriers got faster, but there is only one winner. (file)

From communication, to directions, and even finding a place to eat-- we depend on our phones a lot.

PC Magazine studied how to get the information you need the fastest by constantly running tests every 90 seconds.

“We drive around the country with three cars, and in each of the cars there is a set of four phones-- one devoted to each major national network,” says Sascha Segan, lead mobile analyst for PC Mag.

The team drove through 30 US cities, and Oklahoma City is on that list. They collect the data from those continuous speed tests from the phones in the cars, and that’s how they find the answers. The result is finding out which company gives the best overall experience.

“All of the carriers have gotten dramatically better over the past few years. Verizon has won nationwide for the past five years,” says Segan.

There are changes brewing in the national stats. Segan says his team has seen T-Mobile move into the second-place spot, over taking AT&T,

This year all carriers did get faster compared to last year. In Oklahoma, PC Magazine says Verizon has been king for some time, but changes in T-Mobile will make it a more reliable option in Oklahoma now.

Here is a look at the shakeup in Oklahoma’s numbers this year. Based on the four markers, PC Mag says T-Mobile won out with a score of 93 out of 100, AT&T got an 88 out of 100, Verizon landed with an 81, and Sprint got a 71.

The rise of 5G will likely mean better at home internet access. Segan says he sees this as a benefit rural consumers in Oklahoma and nationwide. That's only if companies decide to offer the service this way, and that decision is still unclear.

For a look at PC Magazines full test results, click here.

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