Consumer Watch: Teens getting bored with tech

Some aspects of the Internet are getting boring for heavy users (file).

There is a divide when it comes to income and tech, but data from Common Sense Media shows the majority of families do have a computer, a cellphone, and high speed internet. There is more access than ever before, so why are some kids saying this tech is boring.

We are talking about Generation Z-- that's the group after millennials, and they were born in the 2000s. For them, like many of us, is that the phone is a way to pass the time. The Daily Beast reports more teens are feeling a little, blah about their online access.

Social media expert Patrick Allmond can see why.

“To them, it is not so much the Internet as there is social media, and the Internet is Instagram, the Internet is Facebook, the Internet is Twitter, and if there is nothing new and exciting on there then there must be nothing else out there, “says Allmond, a digital marketing expert.

So, maybe we are all using our phones too much, but don't let that make you jaded. The Web is a strong tool, but you have to use it right.

“It would really benefit us to show kids how to proactively learn and seek information that was not feed to them by their friends, “says Allmond.

The take away is that kids might look engaged, but may actually be bored on their phones. The recommendation is to talk to your kids about what they are up to online, and guide them to something other than social media.

“It could be - I’m really interested in starting a business, so maybe I go to the Wikipedia page on starting a business,” says Allmond.

Parent approved sites might help them learn about a hobby or future career.

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