Consumer Watch: Stores reaching out to moms in new ways

Some Oklahoma City metro businesses are catering to mothers, with special areas for the kids. (KOKH)

More businesses in the United States are telling moms--- use our services, and bring the kids along too.

Think of it as Mom-vertising, and it seems to be working, it is even launching some new types of businesses into the national stage. It's a service some moms say has been missing for a long time.

When the kids are young, a day out on the town can be tough to come by for moms. From having to carry toys, supplies, and strollers to businesses not being kids friendly. This is changing with some businesses in the Oklahoma City Metro telling moms to bring the kids.

One of those businesses is Barre3 in Classen Curve.

“I think it is super, super important for any mom to have that hour to herself, whether it is here at Barre3 or exercise anywhere else. The benefit in our studio is that you can bring your little one with you,” says Andrea Mason, Barre3 studio owner

A space for your child does require an appointment. The perk is that mom gets her work out in knowing her child is playing one room over. These types of care services are something relatively new to boutique fitness in the metro.

Clothing stores are reaching out to moms too. Clothing retailer Evereve, also in Classen Curve, says it makes sure it's stores have enough space to fit strollers though aisles, and check out the advertising, it is all about moms, even though they cater to all women.

“We tell all women bring your kids. If you are bogged down or if you just need a day out come on in, we will style you, which means everybody here is trained,” says Jackie Hoppenjans, Evereve store manager.

From snacks, to games, and even a giant coloring pad, employees are trained to make sure you and your child are having a good time.

Barre3 and Evereve both say they also cater to women without children, but they saw a need to help moms with children enjoy a day out more easily.

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