Consumer Watch: Social media changes the way we travel

Social media changes what travelers are looking for on vacations. (FILE)

Social media is changing the way Americans travel. More travelers are looking for the perfect Instagram picture to show people their vacation, or better yet brag--cation.

Lia Vincent from Vincent Vacations says that both people with and without children are looking for more picture taking opportunities. Resorts are making it easier to get those perfect shots to please consumers.

“So it used to be that if you wanted to go get married on the beach it was just this simple ceremony and now… it is as elaborate as something that would be at a fancy hotel in the United States, but it is at a beach in Mexico, “says Vincent.

Travelers are also packing a little extra to capture the memory just right.

“Some people take it to a whole other level. I did a girls trip and we even packed a huge blow up unicorn so we could take pictures. We had a swim up suite. We had the unicorn floating, “says Vincent.

It's easier for your vacation to feel and look perfect if you use social media the right way. This means it is easier to get the nicest hotel you can for the price you can afford more easily by looking through hashtags to see what real people post about the location. Travel packages do offer some savings options, but picking the nicer hotel or getting a personalized hat for the picture does add up to more spending.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to capture you vacation in the best way possible. The main recommendations don't forget to enjoy your vacation while you're there, and think about what kind of pictures you want ahead of time, so you don't over spend on props.

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