Consumer Watch: Saving money with online grocery shopping

Fox 25 Consumer Watch breaks down the three ways online grocery shopping could save you money (KOKH).

A Food Marketing Institute study reports Millennials are more willing to buy groceries online, and maybe there is not much of a surprise there, but giving it a shot could slash your grocery budget in three simple ways.

Trying to get ahead of the digital take over, Wal-Mart stores are already giving people the opportunity to shop online, and schedule a pickup. In Oklahoma, Buy For Less also has the online shopping option available for customers.

Yes, employees will pick out the food you decide to buy, and then you drive up to the store, and an employee bring you the food.

Here is how it can save you money:

1. It removes the question marks. If you are ordering your groceries from home, it's easy to check if you really need more toilet paper.

2. Math is easier. If you are trying to stick to a budget, you can feel some pressure doing math before you get to the cash register. The online process allows you to see your total before checking out. If you are over your budget, removing a product is as easy as clicking a button.

3. Online grocery shopping also minimizes the impulse buys. You're less likely to impulse buy because online grocery shopping reduces the instant gratification factor. Pick-ups are usually scheduled for later in the day.

The biggest problem some people have with online grocery shopping is that they don't get to pick their fresh produce themselves. The saving potential is there, so it's worth the try.

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