Consumer Watch: Renting Christmas may not be as inexpensive as it seems

Buying or renting is more than just about cars this time of year (KOKH).

The average American spends 700 dollars during the holiday season, that is according to the National Retail Federation. In a search for savings more people are interested in renting their Christmas, and this can include anything from trees to decorations. The upfront savings are not a good deal for everyone.

It is a busy time of year at North Pole City, and they people here have decided that buying all their Christmas decorations is the way to go for them.

“We love the people coming in, and the parking lots get really full -- we had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend and one of the biggest Black Friday’s that we have had in years, and it looks like the numbers are coming in really good. it's exciting,” says David Green, North Pole City Owner.

For others, the new renting trend is the way to go. In New York companies will send little elves to decorate your place, and then take it all away after the holiday. In parts of California you can rent a potted tree for several hundred dollars, and it gets replanted after the holiday. In Oklahoma City, there are no Christmas renal specific companies, but many party supply stores do have decorations for rent.

Choosing to rent could have more of a time related savings if you plan on doing it every year, and hire people to decorate for you, but the financial savings would be sort lived, especially if you are paying the same amount for several years.

Buying your decorations can be expensive up front, but if you care of the items, you won't spend much in the following years.

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