Consumer Watch: Refresh without a remodel on your home

There are some low cost and even free ways to refresh the look of your home (KOKH).

The average cost in Oklahoma City to remodel multiple rooms sits at nearly a whopping $16,000 according to website Home Advisor. If you are looking to give your home a new look in your home without spending thousands is totally possible.

A home refresh may not change the bones of your house, but if you're tired of your home's look here are the top ways to change it up on the cheap form the professional personal assistant's at LifeSquire.

“This is something that we do, I would say on a monthly basis for our clients. We are always looking to spruce up the home, make it look really inviting, and a space that you would really like to sit and stay in,” says Allison Fife, LifeSquire Director of Retention.

Here the top five ways to freshen up the feel of your home.

1.Ffresh flowers-- an easy and inexpensive grocery store item.

2. Change the hardware kitchen cabinets-- much cheaper that a kitchen remodel.

3. New pillows, rugs, throw blankets -- a new couch might cost thousands, fancy new pillow, blankets, or a new rug could cost between 60 and 500 dollars.

4. Paint-- this is a little more involved, but that will really change the look of a room. Do spend extra on better quality paint with this one.

5. Declutter-- Fife says it is a major suggestion for clients that have gotten tired of how their home looks. Simply getting rid of what you don't want will make your home feel more open and clean.

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