Consumer Watch: Preparing now for travel delays


The family travel season starts in a month, and this summer's devastating weather will affect how easily travelers can move around the country. Depending on where your travel takes you this rest of this year, it is worth it to take the time to check the road situation before driving to your destination.

Strong winds in Florida, and overwhelming flooding in Texas meant devastation in the communities there.

Many people will be recovering for a long time, but AAA Oklahoma says that for travelers expecting to be in those states in the coming year, there is a small bit of good news, especially if you are headed into a large urban area.

“There is still construction on some roads, ongoing construction, but travel that was affected by the hurricane has pretty much been resolved,” says Leslie Gamble, AAA spokesperson regarding Mainland travel.

Homes and business are still in recovery mode, but if you are sticking to main roads in places like Houston and Miami, expect average travel times,

It's not the case everywhere though.

“Corpus Christi, Rockport, and areas that where most devastated, still have quite a bit of construction there,” says Gamble.

Some of these smaller communities are popular tourist’s destinations in the spring and early summer. This is why it will be important to check live traffic websites, and call ahead to any hotels you are considering visiting, to ensure you won't encounter unexpected problems.

While you are checking traffic patterns, and for potential construction at hotels, be sure you check on your own car before a long trip. This includes oil changes, tire checks, and making sure your breaks work.

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