Consumer Watch: Oklahoma program offers children free food

The summer feeding program helps children who deal with food insecurity over the summer while school is out for vacation (KOKH).

The summer is a difficult time for families who do not have enough to eat. A major Regional Food Bank program can help Oklahoma families this summer. The summer feeding program started June 4, and will provide free meals to children.

The last school bell before summer is often celebrated, but for some families this means more financial stress, and children will face food insecurity.

“During the summer it is not always guaranteed they are going to get a meal -- that is why the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is partnering with 130 sites to provide meals free for students 18 and under,” says Angie Doss, director of marketing and communications with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

The Summer Feeding Program has started and will go through July 27. The food bank is prepared to feed thousands of students in Oklahoma, and numbers are at their highest point in the middle of the summer.

“One of the reasons the summer feeding program is so successful is because of support from the community. our volunteers are wonderful-- they pack all of the fresh meals that go out through the summer feeding program right here at the regional food bank, “says Doss.

If you are interested in volunteering, you can click here.

There are 130 sites across the state, with many of them in the Oklahoma City Metro, and they will have meals ready for children 18 and younger. To find the location closest to you, you can click here.

For the Summer Feeding Program, kids do not need identification, and there are no questions asked.

When it comes to not having enough to eat, Oklahomans are more food insecure compared to national stats on hunger. The Summer Feeding Program is a free service.

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